Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Few Very Talented People That I Have The Pleasure of Knowing!

I am so excited to introduce to you those who do not know some of my very talented and lovely friends... 
Natasha Morgan is a lovely woman with a unique talent that simply amazes me... She makes absolutely GORGEOUS and CREEPILICIOUS ARTDOLLS!! Here are a few of her amazing dolls!!! 

The first doll is Emma's Ghost.... So lovely!!! So Cute xo
Second is Unforgivable Prudance  She has taken free speech way too far...!
And finally The Ghost of Alexandra! 

I am in love with every one of her beautiful dolls visit her Facebook and Definitely goto her Etsy at

It is now my pleasure to bring to you MShafran... Her jewelry is nothing short of Absolutely Amazing!!! 
If you are not familiar with her jewelry once you see her jewels you will be as addicted as I am xo.

Stunning... What more can be said??? All Handmade, lovely, and elegant! Her Etsy is

I will also like to feature my good friend Gillian Ivy of Miscellaneous Juxtapostions I own sone of her beautiful art and I can tell you first hand she does beautiful work... I love it!! She is a wonderful artist as well as a beautiful person!

You may find her Etsy shop

I hope everyone enjoys this post as it is my first in sometime.... xoxoxoxo Much Love