Friday, March 18, 2016

swan theory and Cheeky Jewels by Sonja are both my brands and I love them....

So excited to be back with etsy with two shops after having taken a much needed break.  It's wonderful to be so inspired to create again YAY!!!!!!
I have two massive statement necklaces in the shop now and 3 more will be posted soon....I will be making a few necklaces from the past as they were very loved.
If you are an artist it is similar to a death when you've lost all motivation and imagination to create.  I lost that for awhile and during those months I felt broken.  Now though I'm slowly diving right back in and I can feel my brain getting back to where I was completely emerged in the art of jewelry making. So expect more from me in the next few years.. I will not disappoint.  I will be using many different techniques and mediums.  I love to multi task on several pieces at a time and I become more driven and inspiration flows as Im working on one piece I think of exactly what must me done on the other piece.  Also I would like to get into sewing beads.. I love the grand necklaces that come from hand sewing the beads and swarovskis.

love what you do and love yourself!!!!